Survey for REB Chairs, Administrators, and Members

The Survey for REB Chairs, Administrators, and Members is designed to help REBs assess and improve their interactions with research participants and researchers. On this page you will find the original version of the survey and the instructions for using the survey in the box labeled Generic Version.

We would like to know about your use of the surveys and receive any comments you may have about them. You can send us your comments through the Contact Us page on this website. With your permission, they will be posted for others to view in the Comments section that appears in the grey box at the bottom of this page.

Those who create new versions of the surveys, including versions to address special needs and contexts, are both invited and encouraged to share them with us for posting on the site so that others may use and benefit from them. Alternative versions will eventually be posted on the right side of this page under the Alternative Versions heading.


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