Survey Tools

Who Should Use the Surveys?

Individual Researchers: Either during or after research, researchers could use the Research Participant Survey to get a better understanding of the experiences of participants in their research. The Research Participant Survey can be a proactive way for researchers to reach out to participants and signal that researchers want and value participants’ feedback.

Research Ethics Committees: A research ethics committee might want to employ the Researcher Survey to hear from researchers. This could identify areas for dialogue with researchers and improvement in REB activities. The research ethics committee working in concert with researchers could also use the Research Participant Survey to find out more about the perspectives of participants in projects they have previously approved.

Research Administrators & Research Institutions: A research institution in cooperation with researchers and its REBs could use all three surveys to get an overall sense of areas for potential improvement across the broad range of human research protection. Surveys might, for example, indicate areas in which there was over-protection as well as areas in which there was under-protection.